Designing the perfect website

Design is an important aspect of the website. After a first meeting or video-call, where you explain your ideas and needs. I will come up with the perfect design for your website. Already have a branding at place, or even a design? No problem, after a brief review; I can start development.

Feedback is key

Without feedback, there would be no projects. Your feedback is the key to making the perfect website, suiting your needs and budget. Need anything specific? Don’t be afraid contacting me, I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


Once the design is finished, and all of your questions have been answered. I will mould the design, features and feedback all together into a working website. On average, the whole process; design to development takes about 8 weeks.

After care

Your website is all up and online, but you need help with something or something breaks? No worries, you can always contact me for support or help fixing your website. In need of new features? Depending on the size or nature, we can discuss a small update-fee for your live website.

Need more info?

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